How to Build a Raised Vegetable Garden Box


Fresh vegetables are something that so many of us crave.  Starting your own vegetable garden can be a little intimidating, especially if you do not already have good soil for growing. A raised vegetable garden box may be the ideal answer to the problem.

This tutorial will describe how to build a raised vegetable garden box from wood.

  1. Find the location:  You have to find the right location in which to put your garden box.  Ensure it is relatively level and get some 4X4 pieces of wood to use as posts. Because this installation is somewhat permanent, you will want to try to find a place that has good access to light, and is close to a water source.  Permanent watering solutions can be installed later, but for now we just want to make sure that you can reach your garden with a hose.
  2. Post it:  Drive the 4x4s into the ground to keep your box from moving.  You’ll want one for each corner and then if you intend the box to be longer than 8 feet, you will want to have a central post as well.  You can make your garden as long as you would like, but make sure not to make it wider than 4 feet.  This helps to ensure that you can reach all of your plants without having to step into the garden.
  3. Pick a side:  The height of the sides is up to you, but we wouldn’t recommend using anything smaller than 2×4’s.  Cut the boards for the two long sides, equal to the distance from the far edge of one corner post to the far edge of the other. The end boards you will want to cut so that they are equal to the distance between the far edges of the posts.
  4. Drill everything into place:  You will want to drill the posts into the wooden sides.  This will give your raised garden box a greater degree of stability.
  5. Protection:  Placing a barrier cloth and a weed cloth in place at the bottom of your garden box will help eliminate weeds from infiltrating your garden.  Place the barrier cloth first, weed cloth second.
  6. Add soil, then enjoy growing:  Add garden soil and then plant your veggies.  Have fun!


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