Time-Saving Gardening Tips


These simple tips will help you minimize the amount of time spent tending to your garden, and maximize the profitability of your time investment.

1. Plant your garden close to a water source.

The last thing you want to have to do is unwind a hose and rewind it after watering your garden.  You might think you will put it away after using it, but realistically it is going to end up stretched across your yard to make access easy.  But we don’t want watering our garden to be a chore.  Planting your garden close to a water source makes this little chore much more enjoyable.  You can even install a permanent sprinkler system that allows you to control the amount of water your garden receives without having to walk to the garden itself.

2. Keep gardening tools close to the garden.

Having to walk to the garage for a spade or shovel is a pain.  Installing a small outdoor storage container near your garden allows you easy access to all of the tools necessary to properly maintain your garden.  Some popular tools to keep at hand are gloves, a small shovel, a hand rake and some prunes.

 3. Turn weeds instead of pulling them.

Weeds are a nuisance, but using them properly can actually benefit your garden.  By using a small spade or shovel, you dig up the root of a weed from the sides.  Next, turn it over and bury all of the leaves in the soil.  This will kill the plant, and as it decomposes it will nourish the soil.

4. Grow like plants close together.

Every vegetable requires slightly different maintenance.  Keep your plants close together depending on they type of maintenance they require.  This means you can do garden maintenance jobs in bulk, covering multiple types of plants at a time without having to travel far between each plant.

5. Keep your plants within reach

When planting a garden, it is better to do long narrow rows vs thick bunches of plants.  This ensures that come harvest time, you will be able to reach every plant in your garden without trampling another one.  If a plant is out of reach it will often become neglected.  Defining clear paths through your garden will also encourages yourself and other to walk in a safe area, and help eliminate trampled plants.

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