Keeping Snails and Slugs Out of Your Garden


Snails and slugs are a major pest to any gardener.  They sneak in at night and eat off the leaves and fruit of many plants.  Fortunately these pests can be removed with a number of simple and safe methods

  1. Set a Trap – the most simple of ways of removing the snails is to divert them to another food source.  As strange as it may seem, snails and slugs are extremely attracted to beer.  Use a small shovel to dig a hole in the ground and placing a cup which is filled 3/4 of the way with beer, you can deter the creatures away from your plants.  The slugs will fall into the cup and drown themselves in the beer.  While a cheap beer will do the trick, alternative substances such as cornmeal and fruit will yield similar results.
  2. Use Deterents – Setting a barrier around your garden with coffee grounds will keep slugs away.  The coffee grounds are also good for the soil, so they will help to nourish your plants at the same time.  Copper strips will yield similar results as slugs will not cross copper.  You can also plant other plants to deter the slugs as well.  Ginger, garlic, chives, and mint will all naturally deter slugs from the area.  Planting these plants in and around your garden will help to keep the slugs away.
  3. Target Slugs Directly – Spend some time investigating your garden.  If you catch slugs or snails in the act of destroying your hard work, take the time to remove them from the situation.  You can relocate, or kill the slugs on the spot.  If spraying the slugs with anything toxic, be sure to do so away from your garden.  Salt is a good solution for killing slugs, but can be harmful to your garden.
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