How to Kill Your Plants


I know the title is misleading. Our goal should be to grow plants not kill them, right? Of course! This entry is to educate you about some of the most common mistakes every gardener makes. Learning what not to do is the best way not to do it, right?

  1.  Over Work – No matter how much you may love working in your garden, over working it can be a bad thing.  Most plants are fragile and require nature to handle the complicated portions of the growing process.  You are just there to facilitate and make sure that everything is following schedule.  Spending too much time in your garden can lead to accidentally damaging your plants natural process.  Stepping on or leaning on plants can permanently damage their ability to grow fruit.  Over watering and over fertilizing can yield the same problems.  Learn what your plants need, and try not to smother them.
  2. Under Sun – As this sub-section hints, your plants need to be “Under Sun”.  Planting your garden in shady parts of your lawn can often times lead to poor growth due to a lack of sun.  This sounds like common sense, but a lot of gardeners struggle with this problem.  Planting your garden close to your house will allow for easy access and easy watering.  Often times your house will provide shade to the garden on a portion of the day, and this can be the difference between a successful harvest and a meager one.  Go the extra mile and make sure that your plants are able to get the rays that they need.
  3. Over Mulch – Mulch is a fantastic weed barrier, but too much can cause harm to your precious plants.  Too much mulch can prevent water and air from reaching your plants roots.  Yes, roots need air too.  Mounding mulch near the plant’s stem can also be a problem.  Insects will also use these areas as makeshift homes, making your plant’s stem and roots susceptible to becoming the most convenient food source.  Be sure to leave at least a 1 inch diameter between your plant’s stem and any mulch.


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