10 Best Landscaping Ideas


Below are the 10 Best Landscaping Ideas as described by Southern Living.

  1. Greet Guests with Flowers – Plant a variety of flowers at all major entrances to your house
  2. Plant Rambling Vines – Vines are a great way to fill space in a garden.  Be sure to prune at appropriate times using gardening shears
  3. Dress Up Your Driveway – By sculpting the land and carefully selecting plants you can hide an unattractive driveway
  4. Plant No-Fuss Lilies – Crinums will grow in almost any environment
  5. Deer Proof Your Garden – Perennials like butterfly weed, globe thistle, and purple cornflower are found by deer to be disgusting
  6. Add Height with Planters and Baskets – Add another dimension to your garden by raising it off the ground
  7. Grow Blooming Shrubs – Chinese Snowball thrives in the spring and can add variation to the look of your yard throughout the year
  8. Hide Outdoor Structures – Use ferns and other plants to disguise ugly sheds, garages, or outdoor workspaces
  9. Plan a Garden Surprise – Hidden vistas can be a great place for parties
  10. Enjoy Color Year Round – Select a variety of plants that will keep your yard blooming year round

For more details on each of these landscaping tips, be sure to read the original article here.

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