Picking the Right Garden Tool


As keen and creative a gardener as you may be, if you are to effectively bring your garden idea to life and turn it into something you’ll be proud to look at, the right garden tools generally make all the difference.

But how do you go about choosing the right garden tool?

The secret to choosing the right gardening or landscaping tool lies in the type of gardening or landscaping job you have in front of you. Think not only about what you need to achieve the specific gardening job at hand, but rather about everything surrounding that particular gardening job.

If you are on the hunt for a spade or shovel (for digging up a hole to plant something in) for instance, think about getting one that can be deployed beyond that particular job. A very narrow shovel may work wonders in this particular instance, but what if you need to redeploy that shovel for another different job — one which might require you to dig up a much larger hole or even carry heaps of soil over relatively long distances?

The best gardening tools are those which offer the landscaper more value in the form of versatility, a trait which can be attained in just about all gardening tools if approached correctly. To explore another example, going for the biggest rake possible (a rake with the widest rake head) would only make sense if that rake head was either interchangeable or flexible, otherwise you’d run the risk of damaging some delicate plants that may have been grown closely together, in trying to rake around those delicate plants.

The key to picking the right gardening tool lies in that tool’s future versatility, quality and durability.

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